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Here’s a little about our business. We’re both technically excellent and incredibly friendly, allowing us to offer the expert IT support you require, but with a smile. We have over 35 years experience between us, we have a winning track record when it comes to providing IT services to SME businesses.

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Here is our business
in Numbers!

Everyone loves a stat, right? Here are just a few which demonstrate our experience and growth.


Our most recent client experience rating


Support calls successfully resolved in 2021


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Training courses completed – as we continue to develop

Complete Management

Allow us to focus on your IT, managing not only the day-to-day IT issues but also your third party relationships.

Constant Monitoring

Our monitoring software enables us and you to have an overview of your IT estate, alert us to any issues that may arise.

Regular Maintenance

Our maintenance visits will ensure that your IT systems are up to date, running efficiently and most importantly, secure.

Moving Forward

No business wants to stand still. From technology to threats, let us advise you how best to use IT services and devices.

Here are a few things we’re great at!

Having a robust, reliable IT system is crucial for any business. Streamline IT Solutions will manage and maintain your IT systems, leaving you to concentrate on your day-to-day business. Our services will allow you to dramatically reduce IT costs, increase efficiency and gain total peace of mind.

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Sound familiar with your current provider?

Most of the times we’re contacted by a new prospective clients, they’ll usually have one of these concerns. So let’s show you how we work.

We provide IT solutions to either startups, or small to medium size businesses. There will likely come a time in the lifecycle of your company where you’ll be asking this question. The question to ask yourself is how much time do I spend faffing with IT issues, when that time could be better spent growing your business? Our relationships often start small and develop with you. We’re here for the long haul, to help you grow!

Not necessarily a question for us answer, but it might be one you’re asking yourself if you have found your way to our website. We are incredibly confident that our clients would answer this question, yes! Our flexible offering means you’re not tied into an agreement above and beyond your requirements. Pricing wise we’re realistic and most importantly, fair.

This is a common frustration within the industry. You build a relationship with your “dedicated account manager” and then three month later, the contact changes and you’re back to square one. Well, we’re a small firm, with only a few staff, but that’s a good thing. We’re a settled team all looking to grow, so your contact, is your contact. For the long term!

Yep, you’ve signed an agreement which covers everything, right? Or maybe not! Well there is none of that with Streamline IT Solutions. Our regular client meetings allow us to ensure we’re constantly supporting your business’ best needs – providing plenty of notice with regards to any expected costs, ensuring there are no last-minute nasty surprises.

So how do we work? Here are a couple of projects…

Here are just a couple of recent clients we’ve been working with – providing a little insight into our work.

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Client A came to Streamline after a major cyberware attack, It opened their eyes to the threats that are out there and were lucky to recover from it as backups were limited, Understanding their budget we recommend a solution to not only refresh their ageing infrastructure but also future proof their business by adding cost effective services to help prevent further attacks.

Upgrade: The infrastructure had been untouched for over 6 years some of which required upgrading, the rest just needed some TLC.

Secure: Installation and configuration of a Firewall device and Intelligent endpoint protection software.

Efficient: Spending time with the company we are now creating dashboards from their third party application to help streamline procedures and improving efficiency.

Support: Ongoing support means that they wont get caught out again, regular patching and maintenance ensures the business keeps functioning.

Client B have been with the same MSP for a number of years, recently they have felt the MSP has grown significantly and no longer give the support and attention required from the business, they’ve simply stopped caring.

Listen: Streamline listened to the concerns raised and understood where they come from.

Planning: A Streamline proposal was then created which met the aspirations of the business.

Flexibility: Streamline were flexible to Client B’s requirements no 2 businesses are the same.

Relationship: Here’s to a long relationship benefiting both organisations.