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Should business size matter?

Should business size matter?
I’ve spoken to a few businesses over the past few weeks and I hear the same thing over and over about their current IT support company.
  • They’re too busy for me
  • I only see them when they want to sell something
  • I get asked stupid questions they should already know the answer too
  • Everything comes at a cost
  • I don’t feel important to them
  • They don’t understand what we do or how we do it
It’s a sad state of affairs and a risk for all companies no matter the industry. As they get bigger, chasing larger and larger contracts, the smaller, loyal, long-standing clients get be a bit lost. Due to their loyalty they are taken for granted and allowed to leave in the background ticking along until they shout loud enough to be heard. More and more services are moving to the cloud so will this make it worse. Will you ever need to see an IT company again or just entrust that they are monitoring / fixing / upgrading your systems in the background? It shouldn’t be a faceless service, otherwise why stay with a provider? Contact us here at Streamline for a company that knows what’s important and wants to be part of your business.
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