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Watchguard Cloud

Watchguard Cloud
Being aware whats going on with your perimeter firewall has become more important than ever ensuring you have the correct level of security, complimented with an easy to use dashboard monitor your devices and activity. In the past WatchGuard owners had to either use the GUI on the firebox or install a server running WatchGuard dimensions, which for an end user could be a mission in itself requiring the help of an IT bod, thankfully this is no longer the case and WatchGuard have introduced Watchguard Cloud. First impressions are that its simply a cloud version of Dimensions but easier to implement (simple tick box on the device and adding a code from the site), once connected you can see all the key information about your device including fireware software version and livesecurity renewal dates.   The device summary page (above) gives a great top level overview of whats going on with your devices and if your services are configured and working correctly.  

The dashboards are simple to use and much quicker than Dimensions used to be, you can drill into each section to see exactly whats being blocked or protected, if you have SSO enabled you can see at a user level what sites are being accessed and if they comply with the weblocker policys created or blocked based on reputation.

Both the Total Security Suite and Basic Security Suite include a subscription for WatchGuard Cloud.

The subscription enables the Firebox to send log messages to WatchGuard Cloud, and determines the default retention period for Firebox data in WatchGuard Cloud.

  • Total Security Suite includes WatchGuard Cloud with 30 days of data retention
  • Basic Security Suite includes WatchGuard Cloud with 1 day of data retention

If you have a WatchGuard firewall then it’s recommended to have one of the above security suites to protect your network, and should you need it you can add more retention via a subscription.

Streamline IT Solutions can help and guide you through configuring your devices to connecting to the WatchGuard Cloud, we can also help review your current IT security strategy. Contact us today!
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