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When ‘care’ becomes careless

When ‘care’ becomes careless
This week we were delighted that our newest client joined Streamline and we look forward to a long and successful partnership. The first task on the agenda was to give their infrastructure a little TLC. The client already worked with an MSP that they’d spent many years with in a remote support capacity, offering remote monitoring and break fix services, believing that their server was in safe hands they carried on and trusted that all was well. As part of our take on process we give the whole infrastructure health check, make sure configurations are as the client expected, point out any obvious risks or issues that should be addressed as a matter of urgency. They were horrified to be shown the below, a picture of the servers RAID array, one disk had failed over three months ago and a second was a predictive failure (ten months ago). For the non techies out there, if two disks fail in the array then they have major problems and downtime. Thankfully they had a hardware warranty and the drives were replaced and all is now well, however it could easily have become a stressful day or 2 getting them back up and running. It highlighted a couple of questions though:
  1. Does break fix support really work? All businesses require IT support in one way, shape or form, but the traditional break fix support means that it’s already too late. somethings gone wrong and they must react rather than spend a little time ensuring that issues don’t occur.
  2. What does remote support really mean? At the very least you should expect someone to log on regularly just to make sure it’s all tip top, and that remote monitoring is configured properly.
There is certainly a place for remote support, but it should always have a human element to it not just configured and never checked, businesses change and therefore so do requirements in IT support, all the tools that MSP’s use have levels of automation to restart services, clear disk space, monitor hardware but its only as good as the person that setup the automation in the first place and should always be complimented with a regular health check.
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